Banbury 2s restore winning streak with a 8-1 victory over Reading

  • December 1, 2014

TCL Prem 2
Banbury Ladies 2 – 8 Reading Ladies 1a – 1

Reading immediately put Banbury under pressure from the off, confidently moving the ball around swiftly and creating opportunities. Paige Davis kept the Banbury defence together and kept Reading out. A slip in concentration meant that Banbury conceded a goal putting Reading 1-0 up. However Banbury had an answer for Reading as Charlotte Micallef won a short corner, Beth Camp struck a well timed ball which beat the keeper and got Banbury back in the game. The score was still 1-1 when the whistle blew for half time.

Sadie Lapper focused Banbury minds in a very strong half time talk which Banbury fully took on board. Beth Camp and Aveline Cruickshanks combined passes to beat the Reading defence and Aveline hit a strong strike into the corner of the goal within 2 minutes of starting the second half. Banbury then overwhelmed Reading with a flurry of goals from Aveline Cruickshanks. Serena Goodhart had a surging run down the left wing and struck an impressive strike easily slotting the ball into the corner of the goal. Karen Brooker worked hard in the centre for Banbury and won another short corner. Banbury produced a well worked short corner, easily beating the defence for Bath Camp to slip in another goal. Reading had a second wind and put Banbury on the back foot. Zoe Young kept the Reading strikers at bay and played a very strong game leaving Reading frustrated.

At the final whistle Banbury had a confident 8-1 victory.