Disappointing loss for Ladies 2

  • November 24, 2014

TCL Prem 2
Banbury L2 – 2 Wycombe L3 – 3

Banbury Ladies travelled to High Wycombe on a rainy and miserable day with a mind set to play a positive match. With only 11 players and within those 11 players the team had one injured player, one ill player and one overly tired player Banbury knew they would have to perform to a high standard to achieve success.

Banbury started off with a shaky start as Wycombe scored a goal through a short corner in the opening half. From this Banbury stepped up their game by coming back strong using Amy Morris and Sarah Clinkard to perform strong ball passes around the back and down the right half where either Katie Young or Beth Camp were ready to make a run at goal. Banbury had many attempts at goal and were successful when Karen Brooker picked up the ball at the top of the D and smashed it into the right corner of the goal making it impossible for the Wycombe defenders to prevent the goal.

After this goal Banbury continued playing to a high standard applying pressure on the opposition which was rewarded through a reverse tick strike on goal from Charlotte Micallif who had help from a Wycombe defender to score Banbury’s second goal. Half time came and Banbury were leading 2-1 creating a positive but focused atmosphere amongst the Banbury players. Banbury came out strong with many attempts to score through short corners but unfortunately could not score despite the valiant attempts of the attacking players. Wycombe picked up on this unfortunate play and conceded their second goal. As the match was coming to an end Banbury knew the result was tight by the Wycombe attackers stacked up the odds against the Banbury defenders by creating a two on one format which resulted to Wycombe scoring their third and final goal ending the match on a 3-2 win for Wycombe.

Banbury played extremely well as a team but were unfortunate at the end of the match when Wycombe gained the victory.